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Trash to Treasure: Recycled Art

Anything can become art in this creative program! We will provide the trash, recycled, or found materials you bring the creativity. Each week we will present a problem to solve or a piece of art to make. We will show you how we tackled the problem, but now it is your turn and sky’s the limit! 

Some of the projects may be more directional, but all of them will involve a component where children can decorate or add their own unique spin. 

  • Week 1: Local Art Installation- Children will paint an old DVD that we will string together with binder clips to create a collaborative art installation [Children will leave their designs with us so we can showcase their art around the township]
  • Week 2: Pendulum Painting- Science meets art. Children will create a pendulum out of recycled materials and then use a cup and string to create their pendulum paintings
  • Week 3: Earth Day water color painting with Frame out of recycled book pages and old CD cases
  • Week 4: Unusual Tools- Children will paint using anything but a paint brush. We will discuss what process art is and why it is important. 

For children grades K-6. 

Monday, April 22, 2024 Show more dates
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Large Meeting Room
  School Age Children  

Registration is required. There are 14 seats available.


Art from recycled materials is a great way to foster a child’s creative expression and design thinking. This program encourages children to tackle problems through creative and innovative solutions. Children will also dive into the 6 processes of science they will observe, predict, question, test, retest and reflect on the materials, how best to use them and if their solution works for their artistic expression.