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Science in the Summer (Grades 5-6)

The Be a Space Scientist! invites children to take the role of scientists and engineers as they investigate the challenges of exploring and traveling in space. The activities encourage scientific practices like making observations and testing hypotheses while exploring the following big ideas:

"Space science combines science and engineering to answer questions about the universe and how people (or other living things) might travel or live in space."

Space is big! Space scientists often can’t visit or touch the things they study. Instead, they:

  • Build tools and machines to gather information about faraway objects
  • Compare what they see in space to things they can study on Earth
  • Use models to test ideas and represent complicated systems

Each day we will have an activity that highlights a real-world career through a story that invites children to play the role of a person in that career.  

This session is for students that are heading into grades 5-6. 

This program is made possible by a collaboration with The Franklin Institute and GSK.  To find out more please see: https://scienceinthesummer.fi.edu/be-a-space-scientist. 

Dates & Times:
11:30am - 12:30pm, Monday, June 17, 2024
11:30am - 12:30pm, Tuesday, June 18, 2024
11:30am - 12:30pm, Wednesday, June 19, 2024
11:30am - 12:30pm, Thursday, June 20, 2024
11:30am - 12:30pm, Friday, June 21, 2024
Story Room/Learning Center
  School Age Children  
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