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143 Day - Celebrating Mr. Roger's Legacy

143 Day honors Fred Rogers’ legacy of kindness. Why May 23? It’s the 143rd day of the year, and Mr. Rogers often used “143” as a way to say “I love you,” because there’s one letter in “I,” four in “love,” and three in “you.

At our library we will do a variety of activities:

(Teens and Older)Pay it forward! Pick acts of kindness and perform them for other community members.

(All Ages) Leave an encouraging word on our window!

(PreK-School Age) - Find the words of Fred Rogers all over the library with our kindness scavenger hunt!


Thursday, May 23, 2024
All Day Event
  Adults     Families     School Age Children     Teens     Tweens (Gr 5-8)     Young Children