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Writing Workshop: Unleashing the Monster Within

Unleashing the Monster Within: A Youthful Encounter with Villains, Monsters, and Aliens

Youth in grades 4-10 are invited to a writing workshop this summer.  We will be using curriculum from Cosmic Writers to create original adventure stories featuring monsters, aliens, and villians.  Students can submit these stories in our Graphic Novel Contest.  

June 26- July 24 "Making a Monster, Adopting an Alien"

There are monsters lurking inside us all, begging for us to tell their stories. In this workshop, participants will use writing and illustration to create our own unique monster characters.

July 31- August 21 "Becoming the Bad Guy" 

Have you ever wanted to get inside the mind of a villain? Or wondered what it would be like to do bad things? In this workshop, we will create our very own villain characters and drop them into various villainous situations. By the end of the course, each writer will choose one specific circumstance they'd like to explore in-depth and write a piece — in any genre! — about their character in that situation.

Wednesday, August 14, 2024 Show more dates
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Story Room/Learning Center
  School Age Children     Teens     Tweens (Gr 5-8)