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Mister Boom Boom & Music Play Patrol

Unleash the rhythm within you with our exclusive program that teaches you to play a range of West African hand drums, including the djembe and the talking drum. The program wraps up with an exhilarating dance and drum circle, where you get to showcase your newly acquired skills. Mister Boom Boom exclusively performs this program.

About Mister Boom Boom:

Mister Boom Boom, also known as Frank Coates, is a highly accomplished music educator, multi-instrumentalist, children’s author, and proud owner of Play Patrol. Mister Boom Boom has dedicated over twenty years to music education and is a passionate advocate for children’s musical development. His YouTube channel, Mister Boom Boom’s Music Room, captivates over one million viewers monthly, introducing children to the world of music and percussion. When not leading local music classes, Mister Boom Boom performs engaging drum and storytelling shows at school assemblies and libraries nationwide.

Thursday, July 11, 2024
5:00pm - 6:00pm
  Adults     Families     School Age Children     Special Performers     Teens     Tweens (Gr 5-8)     Young Children