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350 million people lack access to clean water in Africa. Whilst Kenya is among one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, its social and economic inequalities are growing at the same rate. 42% of its 44 million population live below the World Health Organization (WHO) extreme poverty line of $1.25/day. The majority of the poor population live in rural areas that lack basic infrastructures such as roads, electricity, and water. The lack of infrastructure impacts the communities’ ability to break out of the cycle of poverty. The United Nations (UN) estimates that 40 billion work hours are lost walking for water in Africa alone. In order for the cycle of poverty to be broken and communities to flourish, we must start with water, the building block for life. Water means health, education, food, and economic growth.

Ekenywa believes children are the key to unlocking poverty in any community. Children need access to clean water in order to be healthy, attend school, and to grow both physically and cognitively. But water is only the first step.

Join Chris and Ashley Gasperi as they present a visual journey of their work drilling wells to bring fresh water to children in Kenya. Learn more about their mission to transform communities across the globe through this dedicated non-profit organization. Chris Gasperi is Ekenywa's Chief Executive Officer and Ashely Gasperi is Secretary of the Board, Co-founder, and Director of Programs.

Monday, August 13, 2018
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Adults, Families, Teens
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