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Writer Philip Roth has written that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and then He gave Irving Berlin... “White Christmas.”

And what is an American Christmas if not defined by this exquisite musical poem about friends, family, and fresh white snow enveloping an American neighborhood? It can be convincingly argued that America’s fervent embrace of Christmas as more than simply a Christian holiday really does date from Bing Crosby’s casual 1942 delivery of this most celebrated and successful of American songs.

In that spirit embracing all faiths, Fred Miller’s Lecture-In-Song: AN AMERICAN CHRISTMAS is a celebration for all those in attendance: the mystery and beauty of the ancient carols, inspirational poems, epigrams, quotes, words of wisdom, the cheerful, zesty modern songs of the Christmas and wintertime we all knew as American kids, the magic, the anticipation, the deep reflections on our blessings.

The program is highlighted by a marathon sing-along that reminds us all once again what Christmas continues to mean to us as Americans.

Friends Registration: Thursday, November 15

General Registration: Friday, November 16 

To register, please call the library at 215-355-1183. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm