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Presenter: Elizabeth from Airmid Wellness and Counseling Center

This program is being held weekly and will be virtual via GoToMeeting. To access the class, go to https://airmidwellness.com/free_online_classes/

For questions, email Adult Services Librarian, Heather Lipinski lipinskih@buckslib.org.

Gentle yoga can improve your mood, relax you and can help reduce stress or negative emotions. This class is especially suitable for beginners and others looking for a softer, slower practice that builds on a gentler sequence of poses.  The approach is delicate,  respectful and sensitive with special attention provided to each student.

We start by centering and mindfully exploring the breath which helps to balance and synchronize body and mind. We transition effortlessly to postures which help to bring balance, flexibility and a sense of well-being.  Each slow movement is linked with breath, and postures are entered gradually; first moving in and out of each pose and then finding a holding position. This preparation and fluid entry into postures protects and nurtures the joints, muscles, and connective tissue.

The slow movements gently stretch your body: the muscles, the skin, even massaging organs and increasing blood flow into the areas needing it the most.  This can improve the healing rate of your body, reduce swelling and inflammation and unclog any blockages.  Gentle yoga is particularly good for balancing digestive difficulties because its slow, rhythmic movement which sooth and relax the nervous system. Done regularly, it can improve sleep patterns and has been known to reduce and even cure insomnia.

Class concludes with a period of deep relaxation; leaving us feeling relaxed, renewed and restored. This class is a great way to start your day with more energy or transition from a hectic day into a tranquil and restful evening.

Friday, July 24, 2020
9:30am - 10:30am
Adults, Teens