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Fun Feats of Science [Via Zoom]

Get your science on in this monthly program geared for children in grades K-3. We’ll introduce a scientific topic or principal through books, demonstrations, and a hands-on activity.

Kits with materials will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • September: Absorption pick up kits starting on September 8th

    • Kit Includes: sugar cubes, a container with dye, pipette, plastic plate

    • Extra Experiment: Straw, dye, water, styrofoam, cotton ball, wax paper, construction paper, sponge, sock, anything else you want to experiment with...please ask your parents! 

  • October: Fossils Pick up starting on October 1st 

    • Kit Includes: Dig kit made from plaster of paris, sand and water, a small figurine, plastic knife and a brush [Parental supervision required]

    • Extra Experiment: Salt, Flour, Water, small figurine 

  • November: Sound pick up kits starting on November 2nd 

    • Kit Includes: Toilet paper roll, wax paper, rubber bands, straws, and tape with instructions to make a kazoo and pan flute

    • Extra Experiment: 5 glasses, water, a can, rice, plastic wrap, and rubber bands

  • December: Rock Cycle pick-up kits starting on December 1st 

    • Kit Includes: 4 star bursts, plastic wrap, plastic knife [Parental supervision required]

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Age: K-3

Why come?... Through hands-on science activities children will learn ways to think critically and engage with scientific concepts and ideas in new ways. We utilize the 6 scientific processes (observation, question, hypothesis, test, retest, and reflection).

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
4:30pm - 5:15pm
  School Age Children  
Registrations open at 4:30pm Wednesday, November 11, 2020