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With the weather getting colder, it can feel like such a chore to get outside and have some fun.  But why not bring the fun indoors with this quick and easy activity!  

Set up your own laser grid to carefully sneak through in order to get across to the other side of the room!  It’s super easy to set up and loads more fun to play.

Using Crepe paper streamers, string, or yarn and a little bit of tape, you’ll make one long length of the your crepe paper.  Then, with the tape, you’ll tape the start of the paper down at one corner of the floor.  Then, using the tape again to keep it in place, you’ll zigzag it across a close space (think either a hallway or between a few chairs) until you’ve created a laser grid look alike.  When you zig zagging the crepe paper, mix it up!  Put some corners up really high or really low.  Make some areas really tight with crepe paper or make some very loose.  The choice is yours.

Once everything is set up, now it’s time for the game to begin!  Set up a timer if you’d like and try to get through the laser grid without touching any of the lasers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 Show more dates
12:00am - 11:59pm
  Bucks County Free Library, Online Event     School Age Children     Tweens (Gr 5-8)