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Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Andie

In Partnership with Airmid Wellness.

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Starting October 1st, Airmid Wellness classes are no longer free. Coupons for up to ten free classes are available through the Warminster Township Library. If you are interested, please email Adult Services Librarian Heather Lipinski at lipinskih@buckslib.org for more information.

This slower-paced class is for beginners and all levels who want to recharge and start their day with more energy and focus. 

This practice helps to calm the nervous system and release deeply held tension as well as replenish low or depleted energy.  We begin with centering and chanting which warms up the body; followed by a short, quiet meditation to steady the mind and focus our attention on being present. Next, we are guided into gentle poses and then several longer held postures supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest in a way not always possible in a fast-paced flow class.

 Following the sequence in this manner helps to calm the nervous system and release deeply held tension as well as replenish low or depleted energy. We can begin to utilize the breath as a vehicle to meet and work through the discomfort with a curious, open, and non-judgmental mind. We finish-up with a reclined deep relaxation to integrate the many benefits of our practice; including release of muscle tension and stress and restored vitality. Class ends with a long restful and restorative Savasana.

With this practice you’ll experience a deep state of relaxation. You will feel energized, yet rested. Your body, mind and emotions are refreshed and energized with a sense of joy and well-being to help you meet and embrace life more fully and meet the challenges of the day.

This program is being held weekly and will be virtual via GoToMeeting. Click here to access the class.

For questions, email Adult Services Librarian, Heather Lipinski lipinskih@buckslib.org.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Show more dates
7:30pm - 8:30pm