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Guided Meditation with Self-Reiki for Deep Relaxation with Alyssa

In Partnership with Airmid Wellness. 

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Starting October 1st, Airmid Wellness classes are no longer free. Coupons for up to ten free classes are available through the Warminster Township Library. If you are interested, please email Adult Services Librarian Heather Lipinski at lipinskih@buckslib.org for more information.

Fusion of meditation, Self-Reiki, breathing exercises and guided visualizations. Designed to clear, balance, and restore. We know stress negatively impacts our immune system. In these classes, you will experience a variety of meditation techniques to activate your relaxation response. This deep relaxation enhances your body's ability to heal itself.

This program is being held weekly and will be virtual via GoToMeeting. Click here to access the class.

Thursday, January 14, 2021 Show more dates
12:00pm - 1:00pm