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Something strange is going on, and only YOU can solve the mystery! Jump into the story and make your way through the strange happenings by solving tangram puzzle challenges as you go. Tangrams are a type of puzzle made of 7 shapes that form a square and can be rearranged to make different pictures. Before you begin, you'll need to print and cut apart the tangram set on the first page of the story, if you don't already have a tangram set at home. Then, begin reading the story. Each time you come to a picture in the story, you must make the picture with your tangram set in order to move on. Can you complete all 6 challenges and solve the mystery? Open the "Tangram Mystery Challenge" attachment below and find out!

Sunday, March 7, 2021
All Day Event
  Bucks County Free Library, Online Event     Families     School Age Children     Tweens (Gr 5-8)