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Money smarts is something no one should be without!  In this two part program, enjoy creating a coin caterpillar ( to see whose caterpillar is richer) and a host of financial literacy games online!

COIN CATERPILLAR:  For this you’ll need a handful of coins, a piece of paper, and a calculator.  Grab a handful of coins and set them out.  One your paper, trace a curving line across it.  Then line your coins, in any order you’d like, along the curving line.  You’ll see as you add the coins, that the line starts to look like a caterpillar!  Once you’ve created your caterpillar, then comes the tricky part.  Using your money smarts, you’ll need to add up how much your caterpillar is worth!  See who can make the longest, most expensive or least expensive caterpillar.


After you’ve played around with your coin caterpillars, hop on over to http://tm4k.ala.org/index.html to play around with some money games!

Thursday, April 15, 2021 Show more dates
All Day Event
  Bucks County Free Library, Online Event     School Age Children     Tweens (Gr 5-8)