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Live stream event with NASA

The Moon is a treasure chest of science. The lunar samples returned during the Apollo Program dramatically changed our view of the solar system, and scientists continue to unlock new secrets from the samples. Yet we are just scratching the surface of knowledge about the Moon. We believe the poles of the Moon hold millions of tons of water ice. That ice represents power. It represents fuel. It represents great scientific discovery.

The farther humans venture into space, the more important it becomes to manufacture materials and products with local resources. We know the Moon can tell us more about our own planet, and even our own Sun. hear about what we have learned and what we are hoping to discover about our own world as we prepare to return to the Moon.


5/02 Explore the Past

5/16 Explore Space Tech

5/30 Explore Lunar Science

6/13 Explore Humans in Space

6/27 Explore Rockets and Spacecraft

7/11 Explore Moon to Mars


Thursday, May 30, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm